What is English Link:

English Link Global is a Translation Company founded more than 7 years ago. It gathers professional translators/interpreters with some 15 years of experience in many fields and industries. We are leaders in the translation and interpretation world as per our costumer’s recognition. With our team of experts, we can offer the right solution for your translation/interpretation needs, in whatever the field required. Our team of translators and interpreters are experienced and skillful and many of them hold degrees and are officially recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia. We can translate/interpret in many languages like English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, German, Russian and others.

Our Mission

s to offer quality in the translation and interpretation of documents and conferences, venues, workshops, presentations and any other relevant to translation/ interpretation tasks. Our objective is to satisfy the highest demands of quality and punctuality demanded by our customers.

Our commitment to Quality

We have established several processes through which we are able to guarantee the best possible quality in our Enterprise. We understand that in the world of interpretation and translation there cannot be mediocrity. We assure precision, transparency, punctuality and confidentiality in all our processes and tasks. We follow our commitments and are very cautious with the level of confidentiality required by our customers.

Juan Manuel Salgado Iregui (CEO)

Professional Translator with long international experience. He lived in the UK for 30 years where he studied Journalism, a profession he worked for most of his time in London. Working as International Correspondent for some Colombian and Spanish publications he also took part in some of the journalistic work for the Sunday Times as well as being the Founder Editor of a Latin American newspaper for some 10 years.

His experience in Colombia starts upon his return to the country back in 2006. After a short course in Conference Interpretation at the University of Central London (London) he decided to follow the interpretation and translation business in Colombia. Several years after working as a free-lance interpreter he founded the company English Link Global he now leads. Together with a team of commercial and translation experts he drives the company within the best possible standards of quality and assurance.

Message of our CEO: Juan Manuel Salgado Iregui

No doubt globalization has created multiple needs multiplying also the amount of demands, being translation in all its many shapes one of the highest demanded professions in this multilingual space we live in. Our offer in interpretation, consecutive translation and written translation is featured as one of the highest in quality, punctuality and confidentiality in all possible areas required. We are outstanding amongst our competitors without disrespect for our profession. We are ready to adopt the needs of our current and future customers, as required. Some comments displayed here are just a well-deserved sample of what we have achieved in prestige, and we are grateful for that.

All the above allow us to suggest ourselves as one of the best and ideal companies for your translation and interpretation needs, as well the complement in terms of equipment of the highest levels for that part of the enterprise. In that, we are at the edge with the best invented technology to serve the requirements of this ever-evolving industry. We would love to have the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our work.

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