Web pages translation

Web Page Translation

Web page translation to several languages keeping the original format of the content and observing the cultural background from where the content is taken. In this way it is possible to manage a greater impact for your products geared to the new markets. In the globalized world we live in it is essential to have a door-opening bilingual web page.

Why to translate a web page?

  • One of the ideal ways to reach foreign markets from the business and selling perspective is through a translated company/institution´s web page.
  • In the internet market, there are more than two and a half billion internet followers.
  • Even if your company produces the best services or goods, if a possible customer cannot understand the company´s web page, its descriptions and texts, surely customer will abandon the site; a sale opportunity might be lost.

What are the benefits of translating a web page with English Link Global?

1. We have a multilingual team with more than 10 years of experience.

2. We help to broaden the target market you company and products are seeking.

3. When using us, you could have a web page in different languages, so your business traffic will increase.

4. We recommend our customers to be selective on the type of contents use upon the web page; it is very important to use the best possible quality for both the source and target languages.

5. We are experts in locating your web page; not only the accurate translation of the site, but its adaptation to the target market culture.

Steps for the translation of your web page.

1. Download the text of the web page to a word processor such as Word.

2. Submit the digitalized text/format to English Link Global

3. The translation of your web page will be done by expert professionals, not only acknowledgeable in both the source and target languages but also in the business sector you are located upon.

4. Delivery times for the translated texts, very much depend upon the amount and complexity of the contents. Your needs are our priority and our commitment is to comply fully with what was agreed upon.

Web page translation to different languages.

We have a professional team of translators, dealing with several of the most important languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese amongst others.

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