Translation Services

English Global in Bogota, Colombia offers high quality translation services as its main feature: for that purpose, the company uses the best qualified translators always knowledgeable in all the most needed topics. Our staff of interpreters and translators are masters in many languages; all are fluid, quick and precise in what they do. We translate with accuracy and no content is left aside. We cover English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese amongst the main global languages.

Translation and Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Translation

The message is conveyed at the same time the speaker is talking. We used our own translation boots, microphones and translation audio-sets. See More

Whispering Interpretation

The interpreter whispers the interpretation into the other person´s ears. See More

Consecutive Interpretation and Translation

A fragment of the speech is heard by the interpreter and then the translated fragment is conveyed to the other person or audience. See More

Interpretation by Relay (back translation)

Interpretation from one source language into several other languages. See More

Professional Translation and Interpretation Services

Other translations of interest

Official Translation Services

We have a team of professional translators, recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. See More…

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translators with more than ten years of experience, helping a wide variety of customers.   Sea More...

Translations for the Corporate Sector

We have a team of expert translators for the different Corporate Sectors. See More…

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