Equipment for Simultaneous Translation

Equipment for Simultaneous Translation

Our State-of-the-art translation equipment facilitates the work of the interpretation between the speaker and the audience.

Simultaneous Translation Equipment Hiring

We include equipment hiring in our services portfolio. This includes equipment needed for all types of venues and conferences in which interpretation is required. We offer a package including translators and equipment.

We use the best equipment to be found in the market. In this way we are able to cover any conference small or large in the venues required.

Hiring of Translation Equipment

  • Professional analog consoles and digital systems with relay. (several languages simultaneously).
  • Clip-on microphones.
  • Hand microphones.
  • Multi-channel FM receptors.
  • Individual table Microphones.
  • Translation boots for one or two interpreters.
  • Digital infra-red receptor (DR 6004, DR 6008, DR 6032).
  • Infra red digital radiators (RA 6013, RA 6025).
  • Control units covering up to 16 different translation channels.
  • Digital DT6000 transmitters with central modulation systems. Digital infra-red.

We have experience in hiring equipment for simultaneous translation.

  • Conferences
  • Press conferences
  • Training
  • Working meetings
  • Products presentation
  • Services presentations
  • Congresses
  • Others

What are the benefits of equipment hiring with English Link Global?

  • Broad range and high-quality equipment within the technology market.
  • Equipment specific for any type of simultaneous and consecutive translation, including relay systems, according to the customers’ requirements.
  • We have more than 10 years of experience as one of the market leaders.
  • We have stablished control quality, precision and compliance processes.
  • We have teams of official translators in many languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.
  • We support decision making for the best viable option, following the customer’s needs.
  • We offer equipment capable of covering up to 16 different translation channels.
  • Your needs are our priority and our commitment is to follow with precision what has been agreed upon.

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