Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation

Amongst our translation team we have the expertise of simultaneous translators with an experience of more than ten years.

Simultaneous Translation – Simultaneous Interpretation

This type of translation implies the immediate conveyance of the message/speech/conference from the speaker to the audience. We use translation boots, microphones and translation equipment to secure a precise and interference-free translation. Many venues have used our work and expertise, such as international fairs, congresses, symposiums, summits, training workshops, working tables, education courses, teaching, negotiations, accords, agreements, technical courses, assemblies, board meetings, forums, accompaniment and press conferences.

Source languages are translated into the target languages with precision and speed as required by these type of events; no interruptions, no hesitation and absolute confidentiality. All topics remain within the translation boot, not to be communicated to the outside non-interested parties. International experienced interpreters manage to keep local and cultural accents and idioms so that the real meaning of the conversation is communicated.

Consecutive Interpretation and Translation

This is the type of translation/interpretation where the interpreters/translators convey the message fragmented, given space for the audience to listen in the same fragmented way. English Link has an experienced team of translators facilitating this type of interpretation. As always, we are professional and talented enough to secure accuracy, precision and confidentiality.

Whispering Interpretation

In the whispering interpretation the translator whispers the conversation to the individual person listening. No need for equipment (audio sets or otherwise) as the conversation is delivered to the ear of the person.

Interpretation by Relay (back translation)

This type of interpretation offers the possibility to translate from one source language into several target languages. For example, if the translation´s source language is French, and the target languages might be Spanish and English: one interpreter picks the French, translates into English/Spanish and one other interpreter translates from either of these languages into the third language. English Link has a considerable experience in this type translation. Please refer to the video shown in our home page.

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