Translation for the Industry Sector

Transaltion Services for the Specialized Industry

We translate manuals of automatization, construction, maintenance, product standards, packing and other types of technical requirements.

Translation of documents for the Industrial Sector

The best teams of translators are used for the translation in the industrial sector. English Link offers the solution for the prominent level of precision needed in these types of events and documents.

Types of documents for translation in the Industry Sector

  • Translation of Installation Manuals
  • Translation of Manuals for the Human Relations sector
  • Translation of Repairing Manuals
  • Translation of Political Manifestos
  • Translation of Packings
  • Translation of failure’s reports
  • Translation of industry’s documents
  • Patents Translation
  • Translation of Commercial Agreements

¿Why is important to translate for the Industry?

This is one of the areas constantly growing and of worldwide demand. We offer translation/interpretation services in different languages so that we facilitate the communication within this important sector.

  • Modern technologies are available from developed and developing countries.
  • Communication is vital between partner countries and companies.
  • Colombia is constantly receiving experts from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa wishing to understand and communicated their needs and services.
  • Colombia and especially its capital Bogota amongst other important cities need to be ready to accept this influx of foreign companies and individuals communicating in the many different languages that there are in the world.

We have the right elements for the task: professional translators in all fields of the industry, and the right equipment for the translation of conferences, workshops and other venues.

Steps for the translation of documents for the Industrial Sector

  • Download texts or documents to a word processor such as Word. Submit the documents in digital format to English Link Global.
  • Text revision will be done by expert professionals in the field of the Industrial Sector.
  • Delivery times of the translated material depend upon their quantity and complexity.
  • Your needs are our priority and our commitment is to follow with precision what has been agreed upon.

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