Translation for the Hotel Tourism Sector

Translation Services for Hotel & Tourism

In this sector is important to provide the best quality for the presentation of the services within the tourism industry. It encompasses the use of several of the most common languages in the world.

Translation for the Hotel and Tourisms Sectors

This Tourism Translation is very relevant in the hotel and tourism industries. The hotel industry relies fully on the quality of services provided including the communications; in the same way, the tourism sector needs to communicate its services to customers in the very many aspects of both sectors. Hence it is essential to have good translation to make the difference in competitive terms.

We are leaders in the translation market for the industry. We have a long-time experience helping clients in both the hotel and tourism sectors; we cover their needs not only at national but at international levels.

Some examples of translation in the hotel and tourism sectors

  • Translation of web pages for hotel’s multilingual needs
  • Translation of touristic information and hotel services
  • Translation of tourist maps
  • Translation of tourism advertising and magazines
  • Translation of Hotel and Tours presentations
  • Translation of information pamphlets
  • Translation of teaching and training material for the industry
  • Translation of hotel and tourism pamphlets
  • Translation of bulletins related to the hotel industry

Our experience in the Hotel and Tourism Sectors

We have interpreters and translators available for accompaniment and guiding needed for visits to touristic venues worldwide. Some of our translators are knowledgeable in the best known touristic sites in the country and some are experienced in the most known focal tourist venues worldwide.

  • Touristic visits can be fun and attractive if the proper translation and live version are present. Fully bilingual guidance is the most important requirement for the business of tourism to be successful.
  • We can provide evidence of our customer’s satisfaction in any of the above types of services.
  • We are knowledgeable in many of the sectors and subjects involving the hotel and tourism industries in all corners of the country.

Steps for the translation of documents for the Hotel and Tourism sectors

  • Download texts or documents to a word processor such as Word. Submit the digitalized text/format to English Link Global
  • Revision of texts Will be done by experts in the field of the hotel and tourism sectors.
  • Delivery times of the translated material depend upon their volumes and complexity. Your needs are our commitment; we always complied with what has been agreed upon.

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