Translation for the Energy Sector

Translation Services for the Energy Sector

We translate reports and documents of environment impact, health and safety, oil wells valuation, land surveys and fuel extraction in general.

Translation for the Energy Sector, Oil and Gas

English Link provides translation services for the energy, oil and gas sectors. We have experience in the translation of big projects needed by multinational companies dedicated to the energy sector. We are offering excellent translators and interpreters with considerable experience in the sectors mentioned. Our prices are very competitive.

Most of the companies within the sector have interdisciplinary contracts of international scope. English Link is part of the whole package. We facilitate communication between the different parties involved in the industries of oil, gas and alternative energies.

We have been present in trainings, negotiations, workshops, working tables and fairs reaching the highest rates of success.

Common translation within the Energy Sector

  • Translation of Manuals within the energy sector
  • Translation of Corporate Communications (digital and printed material)
  • Translation of Contracts within the Energy Sector
  • Translation of open tender bidding proposals
  • Translation of studies of environmental impact

 Experience of English Link in the Energy Sector

Our team of translators are experienced in the mining and energy sectors and fuel extraction.

The terminology used for the sector is not only very detailed but unique in its meanings and contents. The right and clear interpretation/translation of its texts and conferences is a call for success. We are skillful and professional when undertaking this task within these industries.

  • Clients such as Ecopetrol, are our best demonstration of our professional work.
  • Our professional translators are experienced and knowledgeable in the task of translating/interpreting for the Energy Sector, especially for the gas and oil industries.

Steps for the translation of documents for the Energy Sector

  • Download texts or documents to a word processor such as Word. Submit the digitalized text/format to English Link Global
  • Text revision will be done by experts in the energy sector.
  • Delivery times of the translated material depend upon their volumes and complexity.

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