Technical Translation

Technical Translation Services

The technology sector has been gaining importance for big and small companies alike. There is a current need to create documents, workshops, conferences in all or many of the available languages globally.

Translation for the Technology Sector

In English Link we have worked for the technology sector for many years; this encompasses the translation of documents, the interpretation in conferences, workshops, etc.; we have achieved the complete satisfaction from or customers using our services.

The following are the types of technical translation we have been able to assist upon:

  • Translation of technical manuals or tutorials
  • Translation of lincenses and patents
  • Translation of packaging
  • Translation of instructions
  • Translation of bulletins
  • Translation of technical reports
  • Translation of guarantees
  • Translation of software manuals
  • Translation of catalogues
  • Translation of user guides

What is the experience we have in technology translation?

This translation requires a prominent level of knowledge, documentation and research for the terminology used.

We adapt to the new changes of technology in the different fields worldwide; we have a team of interpreters constantly researching for the new developments in the terminology and the application of new methods:

  • In the fields of mining, oil and gas, power and energy resources and other areas of the industry.
  • Accounting technology, financial systems development, accounting packages normally used by large and small enterprises.
  • Medicine and the pharmaceutical industry and its derivatives.

There is progress in the field of Human Relations, where the improvement of presentations and development programs is essential.

Steps for the translation of technology documents

  • Download texts or documents to a word processor such as Word. Submit the digitalized text/format to English Link Global.
  • The text/documents revision will be done by professional experts in the technology sector language/terminology.
  • Delivery times of the translated material depend upon their volumes and complexity.
  • Your needs are our commitment; we always complied with what has been agreed upon.

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Translation of technology documents into different languages

We have a professional team of translators for the process of documents translation into several languages: English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese amongst others.

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