Health Sector Translation

Health Sector Translation

Our company has been nominated as one of the best in the Health and Scientific Sectors.

Translation in the Health and Scientific Sectors

Scientific translation is one of the most sought-after type of translation in the field. Many documents of scientific origin need to be translated in the best possible and accurate way.

Most common translations in the sector

Translators of English Link have dealt with different types of documents, such as:

  • Documents in the Pharmaceutic Sector
  • Translation of Reports Specialized in the sector
  • Translation of Technology reports
  • Translation in obstetric and genecology specialties
  • Translation in general Medicine reports
  • Translation in Cardiology Reports
  • Translation in Cencerology Reports

Experience of our translators in the Health Sector

We have worked in the health and scientific area for many years. Our customers are satisfied with the level of expertise in these types of translation. We have undertaken difficult tasks such as the revision and proof reading of very scientific reports and articles.

We have been very active in events hosted by the pharmaceutical labs. Our levels of interpretation have been always very competitive in terms of quality and precession. International labs have contacted us for their seminars and workshops in Colombia and abroad.

Pharmaceutical labs are now at the center of attention for the medical profession. Not only for the importance these bodies have in the industry but also because their capacity to evolve in this competitive sector. Medical bodies continuously organize workshops and seminars to show the medical professionals the new advances in this industry. Therefore, it is essential to find the right translation company to convey the messages in a perfect and honest way. We comply with these requirements, providing:

  • State of the art translation equipment for quality in both, the interpretation and translation from and into several languages.
  • Conferences visualization is as important as the contents exposed. We provide the best equipment for video conferences and workshops together with the complete set of translation equipment.

Steps for the revision of documents of the Health Sector

  • Download texts or documents to a word processor such as Word. Submit the digitalized text/format to English Link Global.
  • Texts revision will be done by expert professionals.
  • Delivery times of the translated material depend upon their volumes and complexity.

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